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We Provide Business & Finance Consulting services
We facilitate for your financial needs and assist between you and the banks or other lending institutions for securing business loans, mortgage Loans, personal loans, Auto Loans and Credit cards and bank facilities etc.,
To serve our customers with the best advice and secure the right financial service within a reasonable time with superior experience and trust
A Team Of Experts
We have an excellent team of financial experts, Chartered Accountants also Masters in Business administration who had been with Multinational banks
Analyse Your Business
Being the best organisation to support all the financial needs of the public and act most efficiently as a facilitator between the financial institutions or banks

Understanding our Client's Need : Free preliminary telephonic consultation where the Client interacts with the Zeegles Relationship Manager to discusses the finance requirement, client's existing economic position and potentials of mortgage.

Document Collection & Review : The Documentation provided by the Client is reviewed by the Zeegles Relationship Manager to process the case. If any clarifications are required, they are sought from the Client.

Submission of Documents : Once the bank is identified and bank forms are duly filled and signed by the applicant, our Relationship Manager takes it to the bank representative and briefs them about the case requirements.

Bank issues the Pre-Approval : Once the document reviewed by the bank and all the clarification is duly submitted, the pre-approval letter is issued in the applicant name with the approved loan amount, interest rate and tenure.

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