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Why go through Zeegles Financing instead of your own bank?
Zeegles Financing

Zeegles will negotiate the best possible terms with your chosen lender and has access to exclusive products and terms available from any other channel to secure the right finance.

Zeegles will protect your interests and offer guidance through every step of the process to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible and safe guard your interest.

Zeegles will brief you on both the negatives and the positives of each product being reviewed by our experts.

Zeegles consultants are in touch with their clients throughout the whole process and even after the transaction has been completed, providing ongoing support and save your time always.

Zeegles team are qualified consultants with an extensive knowledge of the entire home loan market and the UAE property transaction process.

Zeegles Teams are mortgage specialists. Any complicated residential and commercial deals are our specialty to get you fast approval. If we can’t do it, it can’t be happen.

Zeegles will listen to what you are trying to achieve; impartially assess your unique circumstances and give you an overview of all options available in the market.


A bank will offer you only their standard fees and interest

With a bank you'll have to navigate each step by yourself

A bank will only present the positive aspects of their products

A bank will put you through an automated phone system that eventually links to a call centre.

Bank employees have a basic understanding of their products only.

Bank staff will reject deals that fall outside their books.

A bank will only present their products.

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